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Spill Containment Pans

Spill Containment Pans from EnviroZone provide a great spill protection solution versus the heavy steel pans utilized today inside transport vehicles such as freight vans and shipping containers. This spill pan containment system assists in providing critical time to respond to unforeseen spills.

Spill containment pans for shipping containers, freight vans and cargo containers Spill pans from EnviroZone help prevent unforseen spills during load and transport in containers and vans
Lightweight and durable, the EnviroZone Spill Containment Pan can be manufactured to fit any size freight van or container, providing cost-effective protection without sacrificing payload concerns due to the heavy weight of steel pans on the market today.


Track mats protect spill pans during drive on and drive off
Track Mats
Underlayment and replacement brackets for spill pans from EnviroZone


    • Shipping containers
    • Freight vans
    • Cargo containers
    • Customized options for special applications


      • Cost-effective containment
      • Chemical resistant
      • High quality, durable polyethylene
      • Lightweight and portable
      • Easy to move, store, and setup
      • Custom sizes available


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