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Sediment Dewatering Bags

Sediment Dewatering Bags are designed to filter sediment, silt, and sludges by discharging water while containing the suspended solids inside of an on-site, small footprint, dewatering bag.

Dewatering bags use inward pressure to provide enclosed dewatering without the need of a support container.

Dewatering bags dewater sediment, silt and sludges in small spaces on-site Sediment dewatering bags are available from EnviroZone for quick shipment throughout the USA Sediment Dewatering Bags for silt and sludge dewatering
EnviroZone can custom manufacture and configure a sediment, silt and sludge dewatering bag solution according to your specific requirement. The volume per bag will depend on what is being dewatered.


    • 6′ x 10′
    • 6′ x 15′
    • 7.5′ x 20′
    • 15′ x 15′
    • 15′ x 30′
    • Custom Sizes Available



      • Municipal wastewater
      • Industrial pond pumping and dredging
      • Agricultural waste pumping and dredging
      • Waterway remediation and dredging
      • Power plant cooling tower sludge
      • Construction and plant turnaround projects



        • Dewaters without a container
        • Provides waste volume reduction
        • Utilizes internal pressure to dewater
        • Assists in cleaning contaminants from water
        • Enables dewatering for hard to access areas
        • Accommodates up to 8″ diameter discharge hose
        • Contains solids for disposal
        • Stock and custom sizes available




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